Port of Dieppe

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(Dieppe, Normandy, France)

Dieppe is the gateway to Normandy and one of the entry points to France for Briton's travelling by ferry. The port itself is rather basic, handling ferries from a single route, but the city itself is charmingly Gallic and offers plenty more facilities.

Services available in the ferry terminal itself are limited to a café and a newsagent; however, the Pont Ango bridge nearby is home to a tourist office as well as a bank.

There is a waiting area that is mildly comfortable, but much of the terminal is dominated by the car waiting area.

Plentiful accomodation in the nearby town supports the ferry service, and the town itself supports much more than ferry transit travellers - boasting an important strategic history. As such the town is far more useful than the terminal.

Ferry Services

A single ferry service is available from the Port of Dieppe. This is the Dieppe to Newhaven crossing, operated by Mann Lines.

The Hoverspeed service that previously operated this route has now been abandoned. As a result the Dieppe terminal has fallen on neglected times and sees just two arrivals and departures a day. These usually occur in the morning and evening.

Contact Port of Dieppe:
Address: Dieppe Ferry Terminal, Dieppe, Normandy, France, FR
Tel: +33 (02 35 06 86 56
Fax: +33 02 35 84 86 93
Email: use website enquire form
Dieppe Port

Dieppe Port

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