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(Dieppe, Normandy, France)

Cheaper than flying and an altogether more enjoyable experience, sailing from Dieppe to Newhaven or vice versa is the journey chosen by many vacationers living in the greater regions of these two channel coastal towns. Transmanche Ferries provides an efficient cross-channel service with relatively short journey times.

Unfortunately the hoverspeed service no longer runs but two ships, the Dieppe and the Sardinia Vera, sail twice a day in both directions during the winter with a midday service added in the summer.

Transmanche Ferries Timetables

The Dieppe and the Sardinia Vera sail back and forth between Dieppe and Newhaben as the only services arriving in Dieppe. Typically the first sailing is roughly 8am most days of the year, with a second in the early afternoon (summer only) and a third at around 8pm. An up-to-date timetable with current departure times and sailings can be found at:

Services offered from Dieppe include:

Company Route Duration Season
Transmanche Ferries Dieppe - Newhaven 3 hours All year

Dieppe Port

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