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About Dieppe, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Dieppe, Normandy, France)

Dieppe is a fishing port located in the Seine-Maritime Departement of Haute-Normandie and is renowned for its scallops, 15th century castle, popular beach and churches of St Remy and St Jacques. It is separated into the Bout du Quai and Le Pollet districts.

Bout du Quai means 'end of the quay' and forms the historic part of the town, while Le Pollet sits on a hillside overlooking the port.

What to do in Dieppe

If relaxation is at the top of your agenda, the beach offers golden sands and warm channel waters for swimming in. Alternatively, learn about some of the area's history via its old buildings and landmarks. In the evening, Dieppe's local restaurants serve up locally caught seafood as well as some other tasty dishes.

Tourist Attractions

If undertaking a sightseeing tour of the area, visitors should start with the town's medieval castle, where the Château Museum is based. The museum features two collections, one of ivory carvings and the other of prints by the famous Cubist, George Braque. Meanwhile, the Cité de la Mer is a museum documenting the history of sea-going vessels and features a Viking drakkar under construction. More history can be found at the Café des Tribunaux, a building created in the 17th century and which initially served as an inn before playing its part briefly as Dieppe's town hall following the destruction of the original in 1694.

On the hill of Le Pollet stands the Church of Notre Dame de Bon Secours. Another important churche is the St Remy Church and the magnificent St Jacques Church, dating from the 17th century.

In addition the town offers a charming glimpse at typical Normandy life, with its windy lanes and French character. It's a good base to explore Normandy from, especially if you are a WWII history buff.

Dieppe Port

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