Port of Dieppe

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Dieppe, Normandy, France)

A single ferry crossing is currently available from Dieppe. This route is operated by Transmanche Ferries and connects the Dieppe with the Port of Newhaven in England.

In the summer there are usually two sailings a day either way, typically in the morning and evening.

Dieppe itself isn't really a main ferry arrival point for France, and since the discontinuation of the hoverspeed service the ferry route options have diminished and the ferry status of the city downgraded.

Dieppe to Newhaven

The Dieppe to Newhaven route is operated by Transmanche Ferries and has up to three crossings during the week and two at the weekend. Average journey times are three hours. Two vessels are operated on this route, the Dieppe and Sardinia Vera, each ship including food and beverages, some shopping and cabins.

The port of Newhaven offers basic passenger facilities which include short-term and long-term parking, and some convenience services nearby the terminal, with the support of the nearby town for accomodation, food, petrol and more.

Dieppe Port

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